August 3 2018: Re-issue, new name


It’s like watching one of your children suddenly looking all grown up…

It’s ten years now since publication of my first novel, The Accidental Time Traveller.   It sold  – and still sells – reasonably well, was translated into a number of languages and I still get  e mails from enthusiastic readers all over Europe.

And now she’s having a second outing…

My publisher Avon  have given her a  new name  – Time of My LIfe –  a smart new cover and re-issued her on Kindle so she’s out in the world again, hoping to make a splash.

In some ways, the story – about a 21st century journalist who finds herself back in the 1950s without hairstraighteners, Lycra, the Pill or much equality- is even more relevant.    There’s been an upsurge of nostalgia for the so-called “good old days” of the 1950s.

But were they really that good?

Read  Time of My LIfe and decide for yourself…


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