After a blazing row with her boyfriend, Will, journalist Rosie Harford sets off for her latest reporting assignment – an interview at The Meadows, a local housing estate and possible setting for a new reality TV show, The 1950s House.

Stepping through the front door Rosie finds herself transported back into the 1950s. No mobile phones, no supermarkets, no Lycra, no ready meals, no hair straighteners..

Rosie’s world gets more bizarre when she discovers that Will is here too, but in the 1950s he’s called Billy and is a devoted family man and father of three. Thrown together by work, the two grow close until Rosie falls in love with him all over again, But now he’s out of bounds.

Unless she can get back to the present….

Published July 2008


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In a packed nightclub a glamorous model leaps from a window and escapes into the night. Food writer Tilly Flint is the sole witness.

Soon afterwards Tilly finds herself alone on a working holiday in the wild moorland of the North Pennines. Yet there are connections with her London life and with her strong minded great grandmother. As she explores the moors she keeps finding mysterious pieces of cherry red ribbon and learns more about her family history and herself.

A chance meeting with notorious celebrity footballer Clayton Silver leads Tilly into a dangerous world. Can the ribbons from the past be her lifeline in the present?

Published September 2009


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